MBS Sports Consultancy represent the best athelets in the UK and beyond, providing value to clients and partner without compromise.

Team MBS

Salman Rahimi

Registered intermediary currently involved in the recruitment and management of both professional and youth players. With extensive network of contacts - with specific focus on the Middle East, Turkey and European markets. Salman is multi lingual and a graduate in Sports Science and football business.

Vlad iacob

Registered intermediary, Vlad holds a Masters’ Degree in Football Business, in partnership with FC Barcelona, obtained at the prestigious JohanCruyff Institute. Vlad has over a decade of experience as a shareholder and manager in the maritime and port logistics business in Romania. Having turned back to his true passion –football –in 2017, Vlad wants to contribute to the development of a new generation of football players. He also conducts consultancy and advisory projects for football clubs and for other football organizations or stakeholders. Fluent in English and Romanian, Vlad is also developing his Spanish and Italian language skills.

Essam Zahran

Player liaison, and life style management. Essam ran a successful London concierge company for a number of years. His extensive contacts are essential to managing clients family and lifestyle needs off the pitch. Essam speaks 3 languages fluently and is a ex professional footballer that also played in the U21 Egyptian squad.

Farhan Ismail

Farhan is mainly involved in the recruitment and development of youth players, Having completed Talent Identification qualifications. With extensive knowledge in youth football he has eye for spotting young talent, and has been key in building up the client portfolio at MBS Sport.

Saloum Joh

Saloum is mainly involved in the recruitment and development of youth players, having also completed Talent Identification qualifications. Saloum is multi lingual and specialises and has extensive contacts within French and African markets.

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